Traditional products

BMB Technologies & Services is able to design, provide and implement a series of traditional plants for the abatement of pollutants and malodorous substances present in the air and for the treatment of organic waste. Thanks to the experience of its designers is able to provide customized solutions for every need, making itself plants to very competitive prices and with high quality components.

Washing towers

Equipment for air washing which is carried out with or without the use of chemical reagents. The latter is used when the substances to break down are known. It ‘a known technology that is made by BMB Technologies & Services with great professionalism and competence through experience of technicians and workers as well as with very competitive prices.


It ‘a technology known and applied worldwide. It is carried out by biological treatment of the air, using filter material of plant origin, on which is spread the bacterial flora. Even in this case, our technicians have twenty years of experience in the realization of biofiltration systems. They are made in two different  models: open or closed with chimney. The sizing is designed for the specific problem of treatment and, in new cases, special tests are conducted with a prototype.

We also have a considerable number of bacterial strains selected by us for starting biological process of biofilters or to improve their performance.

Composting plants and insufflation systems.

The technical staff of engineers is able to design a complete composting plants with high efficiency using established technologies specifically developed for the specific needs of material which must be composted.