Photocatalytic coverages

BMB has developed a type
of coverage for tanks of
sewage treatment plants
that exhibits these enormous

  • investment costs up to 50-70% lower than coverages in fiberglass or aluminum;
  • no need for air intake as in the coverage are inserted appropriate windows made by photocatalytic tissue which purified the air:
  • no energy cost for the treatment of odors as it uses only the daylight and activated carbons present in the material adsorb pollutants at night;
  • activated carbons of the photocatalytic material are continuously regenerated during the daylight hours;
  • low maintenance since the material of the windows should be replaced every 12-15 months depending on the pollutants;
  • ease of removal;

It’s made with fire retardant PVC coverages on which are installed photo-catalytic windows for the treatment of output malodorous air.


Sludge thickener. Sewage treatment plant.



Tanks for the collection of water with hydrocarbons. Biological plant in petrochemical sector.