Rotating biofilter

Aria da trattamento fanghi. Depuratore biologico acque reflue

Air treatment from sludges. Biological wastewater treatment plant.


New generation of biofilters designed to obtain high yields of removing odors and spaces are drastically reduced.It’s a real biological reactor in which the oxidation reactions of organic substances takes place in a controlled environment and with specially selected bacterial strains.

Advantages are:

  • Significant reduction of area required by the system:
  • Better diffusion of air through the filter medium is under the geometry of the apparatus, either under of the reduced spaces
  • Completely contained environment with the possibility to keep under constant control main parameters (temperature, pH, fluid level…);
  • Thermostatic control of the process environment in order to maintain uniform efficiencies throughout the year
  • Process directly controlled and managed according to the types of production and to the fluctuations of the production itself
  • Emission conveyed to the chimney and not widespread
  • Ease of maintenance
  • Easy recovery of the biological process even in case of emergencies
  • Pushed Biological Process that allows to respect the legal limits with reduced management costs in relation to other possible technologies such as afterburners;

The biofilter rotating BIOWHEEL 2.0 is an apparatus consisting of a rotor that contains the support medium for the bacteria and a tank in which there is always the presence of liquid and in which plunges regularly the rotor (See fig.1).

The air enters at the top of the apparatus and passes through the filter medium along the ray going out at the center of the rotor. In this way it is ensured the same contact time for the entire flow of treated air and there isn’t the risk of preferential current, being the support bacterial perfectly homogeneous. The support bacterial fixed on the rotor, rotates slowly and is periodically immersed in the liquid present in the lower part of the tank. In this way it is constantly kept moist and rich bacterial flora, as well as on the support medium, also in the underlying liquid.The environment in which is contained the support medium of bacteria and wherein the biological degradation of pollutants reaction occurs, is completely enclosed and isolated from the outside and, if necessary, can easily be heated to maintain the temperature of the biological process as constant as possible. In addition to temperature, is kept under constant control the liquid level inside the tank, the pH value of the liquid and other parameters related to the biological process.